Mobile Solutions


The Entapp Solutions Mobile COE can help in designing, building and deploying solutions for mobile platform. Our deep expertise in Windows Mobile OS, iOS and Android can help our clients in building Mobile applications.Field sales are people on the move. They need corporate data of their organization in their hands, example product features, price etc. they may not have access to internet everywhere. Entapp Solutions has built point solutions on mobile platform specifically for these kinds of requirements and clients. The solution uses a smaller footprint connects to the network and gets data locally on the mobile. The user can use the data on mobile to make meaningful business discussions. He is well informed and carries the corporate data in his pocket.
There are other instances where CXO or senior executive of an organization want updates, reports, dashboards of their organization performance on their mobiles. Entapp Solutions mobile COE has built BI solutions on the mobile platform where the CXO gets to track and see updates on things he intends to monitor. These are some examples where the mobile COE has helped. Mobile now being integral part of every person, the opportunities are numerous in making mobile give what the user is looking for.

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